Projects portfolio

iPrint works with a variety of national and international companies active in the inkjet industry. To respect confidentiality, only a very restricted number of projects is presented.

3D Inkjet Printing of Zirconia


Direct to shape inkjet printing with robots

Feasibility study of a new dielectric droplet-based assembly process of passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Ebeam in Digital Printing


Multifunctional Structures

DCHVA Innosuisse

Digital Plasma

Lab on a Chip for Gram staining



Inkjet straightness sensing

3D printing of food to enhance nutrition of in-patients at a children’s hospital – a study to explore possibilites

Printing of chocolate micro-structure and edible decoration

Study of large-scale inkjet printing on composite panels for the marine environment

Fully Printed Electrical Motor

Inkjet-printing of solar cells on flexible substrates

Smart Material by Inkjet

Combining laser engraving and UV-Inkjet printing for personalization of security documents

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